Summer Studs is a Doubles-Only Ladder Based competition.

Play starts on Saturday May 18, at 8am or 10am.

Is OPEN to ALL members of WSRC regardless of their experience or level of play.

Men are paired randomly based on their location within the ladder and play full 3-set matches.

Each week the leader board is updated and displayed on this website.  Players moved up or down based on their results.  A section of the Winter Warriors leader board is shown below.  The Summer Studs leader board works in a similar manner.

The over-riding goals of Summer Studs are:
1. Attempt to make the on-court tennis as competitive and evenly matched as possible
2. Allow players to move up or down based on their actual play
3. Create an easy way for new members to integrate with large numbers of standing members
4. Have fun playing tennis
NEW for 2013
Every 4th week will be a three set round-robin with each man earning individual points.
The Points system will be revised to award slightly more points for beating men higher than you on the then-current leaderboard.  (more details on this later)
The initial leaderboard will be RESET so that players START closer to their peers of similar caliber.
The Play-offs seeds will be based on points. 
Total points will be based on your TOP 9 scores over the first 12 weeks of play.  This makes it possible to miss a few weeks and not be penalized, or recover from a "Bad Partner" or off week.